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Definition of CSR

Infinitus believes that CSR is the bound duty of a company, and holds a unique view on CSR as, “Infinitus exploits its unique advantage to build CSR competitiveness through six aspects, namely health, quality, employees, partners, environment and community. By emphasizing health responsibility, the social value of Infinitus to the community is well extended to the public.”

Health Responsibility: Improving public health is one unique element of Infinitus CSR. The Company adheres to its corporate mission as “advocating the premium Chinese health regimen and nurturing healthier lives with balance, affluence, and harmony”, improves public health by constantly developing health products of high quality, arouses public health awareness by organizing public campaigns and seminars, and hence popularizes health knowledge and helps people to set up a healthy life pattern.

Quality Responsibility: Product quality is the foundation of our enterprise, business, development and business continuity. LKKHPG strives to provide quality products and service to customers by putting in place a scientific and fully developed quality assurance system and technology development platform that integrate product R&D, raw material sourcing, production, logistics and market feedback. 

Employee-oriented Responsibility: Employees are an organic component of enterprises and an unlimited resource of our sustainable development. Employees are our closest stakeholder; therefore we consider taking responsibility for our employees as a fundamental content of CSR.

Partners Responsibility: Business partners and distributors are the cornerstone and strength of our continuous development. Abiding by our core value of “Si Li Ji Ren” and by the interactive “Customers are us” service mode, we aims to make progress with our partners in correspondence with CSR fulfillment.

Environment Responsibility: The Company assumes its environment responsibility in order to blend enterprise environment to neighboring environment, to maintain harmonious balance between human and nature, and to make good use of innovative material in sustainable development. Environment responsibility not only assures environmental- friendly manufacturing process, but also requires the company to produce safe products, to save resources and to do recycling.

Community Responsibility: Enterprises root and develop among communities. Enterprises should keep a good neighborhood relationship with the community which in turn creates the “soil” for an enterprise to subsist and grow, and whose support and care will safeguard sustainable development of the enterprise. Amidst “Si Li Ji Ren” core value and “CSR Is A Must” atmosphere, Infinitus actively contributes to community construction and development, shouldering its responsibilities and benefiting the society; whilst sustains a steady progression itself.