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Si Li Ji Ren Foundation

In 2012, LKKHPG donated RMB 20 million (approximately USD 3.26 million) to found the “Si Li Ji Ren Foundation”, which was approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The mission of the foundation is to carry forward the core value of Si Li Ji Ren, care for the well-being of the people, engage resources for public benefit and promote harmony and progress in the society. The foundation has three areas of action. In the context of “Focus on Health” they support health improvement projects and promote tri-balance (health, family and career), tri-affluence (time, wealth and spirit) and tri-harmony (individual, collective and society). For “Poverty Alleviation and Education Aid” , they support youth education in poor areas and other educational development projects. In the area of “Assistance to the Vulnerable and Disaster Relief”, they help vulnerable groups under difficult circumstances and provide assistance in case of disasters.

In 2013,  "Si Li Ji Ren Education Dream Support Program" was launched through the Foundation, upholding the core value "Si Li Ji Ren". The program provides tuition fee and allowances to excellent students from poor areas, to help them fulfill their dreams and learn skills. The training also coaches traditional Chinese culture and health philosophy apart from the regular curriculum. By combining the values of “Si Li Ji Ren” with our unique health philosophy and life-nurturing knowledge, the project nurtures talents in great demand while helping the young generation to emerge from poverty and improve their life from poor. This program provides solution for social issue, and makes contribution on the society’s development.

Account Name: Si Li Ji Ren Foundation

Account Number: 44029101040005947 (RMB Account)

Account Bank: Guangzhou Pearl River Branch of Agricultural Bank of China co., LTD

Website of Si Li Ji Ren Foundation: http://www.sljrfoundation.org/