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Daily Express:Core Values "Si Li Ji Ren" Offers Employees an Educational Lunch Break
Release Time: 2015-11-11

GUANGZHOU, China, Nov. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Too busy to charge the battery of knowledge or constantly bored because of dull and monotonous social life? How about making use of the lunch break to join the "Lunch Talk" at office. On November 2, LKK Health Products Group(HKKHPG) hosted an inspiring 3Q Talk "IQ、EQ、AQ" for its employees during the lunch break at the Infinitus Center of Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou.  

Compared with formal corporate lectures, Lunch Talk held during the lunch break is indeed a creative initiative. According to the head of the company's training program, "we are trying to build a 'relaxed study' environment without taking up the employees' time for work. The so-called 'relaxed study' is to make use of the segmented time and try some less rigid and more relaxed ways of study."    

Such a training course lasts only one and a half hour each session and the host will provide lunch for the participants. Conducted in a light environment, these talks are centered on the corporate culture of the company. The head of the program introduced that these talks were aimed at helping employees acquire new philosophies and skills on improving mentality, habit and health, offering them revelations and assistance during their work and life.    

In fact, prior to this talk at Guangzhou, the company has already hosted one at Hong Kong to the employees, which was warmly received by them. This 3Q Talk is the first event held in Guangzhou this year. In December, the company will also host another talk on "cervical spine and limbs massage". After this year's program concludes, the company will consider gradually rolling it out based on the employees' response.          

The talk was scheduled to admit 30 participants. However, the Lunch Talk at Hong Kong drew the participation of 43 and at Guangzhou, the number reached over 60, which is way more popular than expected. The actual coverage of the talks was even larger after detailed counting, reaching120 participants.    

"Lecturers of this talk are from professional consultancies in Hong Kong. All of them are accredited with professional credentials," said the head of the program. "In the future, we will consider bringing in colleagues with professional background to join the training program and share with other employees their treasure of expertise." From the prepared list of lectures, we can see that the coming lectures cover a wide range of areas, including emotional management, parental relations and new skills & theories etc.      

"Study casually without using the time for work is a manifestation of the core values of Si Li Ji Ren. It is indeed very attractive and fascinating," said Chen Dan, who is going to attend the next Lunch Talk.

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