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The Japan Times Online:HeHa Fuels A Healthy and Happy Life
Release Time: 2015-08-17

HONG KONG, Aug. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- During childhood, our fathers always held our hands and offered their tenderest care and protection. But how long has it been since our last walk with them?

In June, a warm-hearted walking story about a father and a son was widely spread on WeChat Moments. This intriguing social media marketing activity, "Happy Walking with Daddy", launched by HeHa Digital Health Limited ("HeHa"), attracted significant attention and readership of 800,000. The word "HeHa" and the cartoon symbolising the Chinese character "Shuang" left a vivid impression on netizens.

"HeHa means 'feeling good' which symbolizes 'real happiness,'" said Mr. Albert Wong, General Manager of HeHa. "HeHa aims to assist the public in achieving the balance among health, family, work, friends, positive thinking and leisure life, so as to attain 'real happiness.'"

As a new member of LKK Health Products Group (LKKHPG), HeHa is dedicated to establishing a mobile internet platform, devices and services and is committed to fulfilling the mission of "helping people to live a healthier and happier life". Albert added, "We strive to pursue 'real happiness' by experiencing, sharing and establishing the HeHa Community on our mobile internet platform. Our HeHa Community consists of key opinion leaders, active consumers and HeHa employees. There is no fixed leader – each community member can be a leader of his/her network.

"HeHa's 10,000 steps" is a healthy lifestyle promoted by HeHa Community, which is an element of a happy life. The concept originates from "10,000 steps a day", which is a health care practice recommended by numerous health research institutes and experts. By integrating social and gaming experience with walking, "HeHa's 10,000 steps" helps the public to persevere in healthy habits.

HeHa has launched a mobile application, HeHa App, and a wristband, HeHa Dao. HeHa App integrates the functions of step counting, community and sleep monitoring. HeHa Dao is a smart wristband that is meant to be paired with HeHa App. Customers can log onto the official website of HeHa or search for its official account "iHeHa_CS" on WeChat to purchase or download relative products.

Stepping into 2015, mobile internet speeds will increase apps' influence on our lives, ranging from shopping to travelling, from government affairs to financial services. Everyone's life is more or less benefited by "Internet+", therefore, digital technology has won favour with a great deal of enterprises.

Mr. Harry Yeung, Senior Vice President of LKKHPG, said, "Innovation is always an important strategy of the company. Advanced technology can help to bring more healthy and joyous devices and services to customers. HeHa has established its mobile internet platform with a focus on joint demands for health and joy of the people, to build a happy living ecosphere. Its establishment will fuel the development of the Group."

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