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Infinitus Chinese Herbal Active Polysaccharides Rapid Screening Technology Pass Research Appraisal
Release Time: 2014-05-04

On 29 April, Infinitus Chinese Herbal Active Polysaccharides Rapid Screening and Preparation Technologies and Industrialization (hereinafter referred to as “the Project”) successfully passed the appraisal for research results on the authentication meeting organized by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology. The Project was jointly completed by Infinitus (China), South China University of Technology, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIMM, CAS) and Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.

The meeting attracts over 20 provincial and municipal leaders, professors and Infinitus representatives.

“It contains a great amount of innovative discoveries in related sector and lives up to the international advanced level, especially for its world-leading technology of active polysaccharides rapid screening platform based on carbohydrate microarray deploying the quartz crystal microbalance technology”, commented the authentication committee.

Mr. Harry Yeung, Senior Vice President of LKKHPG, says, “The passing of research appraisal indicates that Infinitus’ technology in Chinese herbal polysaccharides has reached international advanced level and enhances the leading position of Infinitus in the Chinese herbal polysaccharides academic sector. The finding will also further foster the development of new functional factor and provide the endorsement of our research advantages. With a higher R&D strength, our company will produce more high-quality Chinese herbal polysaccharides products to satisfy consumer demand.”

It is reported that Infinitus has been devoting to the research on Chinese herbal polysaccharides over the years along with quite a few authorities and institutions including Shanghai Institute of Medicine of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Wuhan University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Guangzhou University of TCM. In 2012, Infinitus launched its self-developed PolysacTM Complex Polysaccharide Technology. At the 2013 International Symposium on Chemical Glycobiology  held in Shanghai, Prof. Ding Kan’s research team members from Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIMM, CAS), released their latest research result in partnership with Infinitus with regard to the oral absorption of polysaccharides as follows: Lentinan and some other Chinese herbal polysaccharides can be intactly absorbed by intestinal lining through clathrin-mediated endocytosis. Clathrin is a secret passage reserved by intestinal lining for Chinese herbal polysaccharides. Through this passage, polysaccharides can be intactly absorbed into blood system and lymphatic system, and then delivered to the whole body to exert their broad spectrum of biological and physiological functions. The finding provides substantiality to the effectiveness of polysaccharides and oral intake of polysaccharides products.

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