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Infinitus Releases Its 7th Annual CSR Report
Release Time: 2014-04-01

On 31 March 2014, Infinitus released the 2013 Infinitus Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report. It is the seventh consecutive year that Infinitus has released the CSR report since 2008.

From the angle of responsibility, Infinitus’ annual CSR Reports elaborate on the motives, practices and significance of the corporate activities in the last year and corresponding influences on health, quality, employees, customers, business partners, environment and community.

The faithful records enlarge and focus on unique values. By doing so, the social value of Infinitus to the community is well extended to readers and the meaning of the jobs is excavated to the staff. Furthermore, business partners of Infinitus and their families realize the value and significance of their jobs. Simultaneously, the CSR reports also provide a variety of angles for the customers to observe the company at a close distance.

Will Infinitus CSR theory elevate through solid exploration? Will the change of perception influence CSR practices? The answers are out there in 2013 Infinitus CSR Report!

Infinitus believes that a company has to jump out of the box and think from an ecological perspective for business prosperity and continuity. If a company can leverage its unique strengths to give back to the society, this will not only foster the society to progress with less cost, but also help materialize the company’s value.

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