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    Quality Assurance

    Product quality inspection is an important method to monitor and evaluate product quality.

    Infinitus boasts a professional team of analysts and inspectors, covering highly relevant and mutually-complementary academic areas, including Chinese Medicine, Analytical Chemistry, Food Engineering, Bioscience, Microorganism and Packing Materials. The team is capable of independently carrying out regular inspections of efficacy and ingredients; as well as completing, physical, chemical and microbe analysis, and measuring levels of heavy metals and pesticide residue.

    Infinitus has spent over RMB 100 million (about USD 15.2 million) on equipment, personnel training, standardization construction and information system construction.

    Infinitus Product Inspection Center is accredited by CNAS. Therefore, its inspection results are acknowledged by 61 countries and areas around the world as being independent, reliable and authoritative. The Inspection Center was certified by FAPAS for proficiency testing on heavy metals in 2012, approved by CNAS with extended approval list in 2013, and designated as the Filing and Inspection Institutes for Non-Special Domestic Cosmetics in 2014. 

    In 2015, Infinitus (China) officially received the certificate of FSSC22000:2013 from United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) after passing the examination and recommendation by SGS, a third-party quality certification organization.

    In the last three years, Infinitus has passed 38 tests and assessments at national competence testing and evaluation assessment level and 20 tests and assessments at international competence testing level. Such results demonstrate that the inspection competence of Infinitus in the food safety field has reached the advanced international level comparable to those of the EU’s and the US’s. The inspection center is capable of inspecting 70 ingredients, testing for over 100 different pesticide and heavy metal residues, and identifying over 15 microorganism indicators, and 210 physical and chemical indicators.