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Health Philosophy

Infinitus creates a unique health philosophy that is originated from the premium Chinese health regimen with two thousand years' history: "Promoting healthy life through life nurturing and vitality assurance". Detailed content of the philosophy is as below: 

+ Life nurturing and vitality assurance Three ways of life nourishing and restorations: 
   Nourishing and restorations of Qi vitality, Yin & Yang and Zang-Fu 
   Four habits: Diet, rest, exercise and emotion. 
   - Keep rational diet (balanced structure, on time and appropriate portion, moderate temperature) 
   - Keep rational rest (scientific sleep, balanced work and rest, regular lifestyle) 
   - Keep rational exercise (regular sports, customized plan, constant practice) 
   - Keep rational emotion (peaceful heart, good interests, good habits) 

+ Healthy life Tri- Balance: 
   The balance of health, family and business Tri- Affluence: 
   The affluence of time, wealth and spiritual life Tri- Harmony: 
   The harmony among individual, community and society