Infinitus World Walking Day

Committed to showing people how to live a healthy life, LKKHPG  introduced the World Walking Day event into China, and came up with the initiative of “Living a healthy life by walking every day”. LKKHPG brought a healthy lifestyle to numerous households by advocating a healthy life measured by walking steps.  

In 2010, Infinitus successfully organized the 2010 Infinitus World Walking Day (China) event in 6 cities in China, in collaboration with the State Administration of Sports, local governments and sport authorities. As the official and exclusive sponsor, Infinitus invested heavily in the event, which attracted over 60,000 people from different walks of life. A new Guinness World Record: “one thousand people walking one thousand meters barefoot”, was the crown on this fantastic event.

To reach even more people and stimulate them to adopt walking as a simple and accessible way for health maintenance, the “Infinitus World Walking Day (China)” event was expanded to 12 cities in 2011 with more than 140,000 people participating.

In 2012, the “Infinitus World Walking Day” event was further expanded to 20 cities. A health carnival was added to each stop, to give participants a scientific background of health care and help them realize and experience the benefits of walking. The Shanghai stop of this event set a new Guinness Record: “the most number of people walking backwards”.

In 2013, the “Infinitus World Walking Day” event was held in 12 cities around China, with the central theme of “promoting healthy life through life nurturing and vitality assurance”.

Over the past four years, the Infinitus World Walking Day (China) event has held over 50 activities around the country, closely followed and reported by nearly 1,000 Chinese media.