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Core Concept

Core Value – Si Li Ji Ren

“Si Li Ji Ren” is the core value of Infinitus, the quintessential component of LKK corporate culture and the core competence of LKKHPG. It means “considering the interests of all of us”, and consists of  three elements: helicopter view; thinking from others’ perspectives; caring about others’ feelings.

Auto-Pilot Leadership Model

The Auto-pilot Leadership Model is a management model created by Infinitus. It aims for a continuous management in an inspiring atmosphere, so that the enormous potential will attract talents. It includes six components: a right choice of talents, a confidential atmosphere, a highly efficient team, a common goal, effective delegation and skill training.

Constant Entrepreneurship

“Constant Entrepreneurship” is the corporate spirit of LKK Group, and it has been advocated and enriched by Infinitus. It covers three aspects:

Mentality –desire to win, break new ground, and never assign limits

Skills – lead innovations, leverage & consolidate, and plan & decide

Action – 6677, dare to act and encourage innovations

“Constant Entrepreneurship” drives LKKHPG to encourage more innovations and continuous improvement.

This unique corporate culture, formed over the past 20 years, has helped LKKHPG earn credibility among consumers, local governments, partners and employees. It has provided the company with the strength needed for the sustainable development of the company.