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Brief Introduction to Auto-pilot Leadership Model

Guided by the core value of” Si Li Ji Ren”, LKK has grown into a longstanding franchise of sauces, whoseproducts are sold in over 200 countries and regions around the world. LKK doesn’t rest contented on its laurels, but puts forwards a second mission: to share the premium Chinese health culture with the world by providing Chinese herbal health products of the highest quality. To this end, LKK created Infinitus.    

In a short span of 20 years, Infinitus has established its market presence around China and abroad. Its business performance has maintained double-digit growth for 10 successive years and has been twice selected as “Best Employer in Asia” and “Best Employer in China” by Hewitt Associates, in 2005 and 2007.

Mr. Sammy Lee, author of the book, is from the fourth generation of Lee Kum Kee Group. At the wheel of Infinitus he has achieved impressive successes in managing the company, breaking the curse of short shelf life which is typically found in many Chinese enterprises. At the same time, he also leads a healthy, comfortable and joyful life.

If it is “Si Li Ji Ren” that makes LKK into a longstanding enterprise, then the secret behind Infinitus’ dazzling success must be the Auto-pilot Leadership Model. This model is based on Laozi’s concept of “invisible leadership” and combined with modern western management ideas.

To clarify his theory, the author refers it to autopilot systems found in cars. Just like the car will continue to drive towards a destination after being started, employees are able to work independently and united towards the same goal, even when no manager is present.

Talents and team are the two most important aspects in this model. When the six components (a right choice of talents, a confidential atmosphere, a highly efficient team, a common goal, effective delegation and skill training) are respected, employees can develop their potential. They will be inspiring and attract more talents, and thus ensure continuity in the company.