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Brief Introduction to The Power of Si Li Ji Ren

Modern society has seen material wealth increasing in abundance, but has our inner sense of fulfillment and happiness grown accordingly? How should we live our life not wasting our days? How can we achieve confidence, joy and success in our life?   

So precious is our life that we should live it whole-heartedly and productively. But how can we live a productive life and be successful? The answer to this question has been ardently contemplated and pursued by every one of us.

In fact, it all depends on a person’s values. The values determine the principles, which in turn determine our actions in a rapidly changing world. And these actions will eventually make up a person’s achievements in life.

The author of the book, Mr. Sammy Lee, is from the fourth generation of the century-old Lee Kum Kee Group in Hong Kong. He has pursued the core values of “Si Li Ji Ren”, rooted in China’s traditional wisdom. During his long experience in both work and personal life, he has been exploring the essence of this philosophical thinking. “Si Li Ji Ren” means that we should consider other’s interests.” With simple wording in the book, he shares with us his insight into this philosophy.    

 “Si Li Ji Ren” promises the strength to achieve a fulfilling life. It is represented by 9 principles: mission, influence, innovation, self-discipline, focus, honesty, study, balance and system. As long as you can uphold these 9 principles in dealing with your family, friends, colleagues, partners or others, you are bound to live a fruitful and joyful life.