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Chairman’s Message

We live in a constantly and rapidly developing world. Changes in society and breakthroughs in technology have given us more convenience and more choices. On the other hand, the tempo of daily life is faster than ever, and the pressure on people is enormous. Official statistics show over 70% of the world’s population living in a state of sub-health. This makes the pursuit of a healthy and balanced life something we all share.

How can we live a high-quality, healthy life? According to the The Inner Classic Theory of Yellow Emperor (Huangdi Neijing), a Chinese ancient medical classic, “the best treatment strategy is a preventive one”. This means we should nurture ourselves in order to ward off potential diseases and stay in good health, an approach that has been gaining popularity and recognition around the world. For the Chinese herbal health industry, this is a promising evolution as it is rooted in the long-established Chinese health regimen culture.

LKKHPG is dedicated to its mission of advocating the premium Chinese health regimen. Ever since the founding in 1992, “Infinitus” has been our core brand, helping customers live a balanced, affluent and healthy life by providing Chinese herbal products of the highest quality. Over the past two decades, we have developed a unique corporate culture of continuous improvement, an excellent R&D department doing solid research and developing essential technologies, our own IPR, high-quality products, high brand credibility, and not to mention the dedicated workers. All these form the foundation for our accumulating achievements.

We are well established in the health industry and are delighted to see that more and more people know Infinitus and benefit from our products. Needless to say our mission never ends. We are always facing the long-term and challenging task of helping more people lead a healthy and balanced life. We will continue to uphold our core value of "Si Li Ji Ren", and in the spirit of “Constant Entrepreneurship” we will work ad infinitum to increase healthy living globally, from our strong homebase in China.

Mr. Sammy Lee, Chairman & Chief Invisible Officer (CIO) of LKK Health Products Group